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Recently, we had an engineer inquiry about a completely dry Utility Manhole. This is a product we developed many years ago and has lost its luster in the new age of direct bury cable and weather resistant electronic components. But like my bell-bottom jeans, utility products resurge after years of being dormant. Sometimes we focused too much on new technologies and it is the tried & true products that we take for granted. For complete details on any of our products or a special application, please contact our sales staff

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The Bucket List

After watching the movie “The Bucket List” I made a list, my bucket list, of things I wanted to do before I pass. Eg: go to a Packers Superbowl game, go to every Major League Baseball stadium, get a Boone & Crocket deer that scores over 200, & etc. I also had a bucket list of things I wanted our company to do before I retire. Eg: become ISO Certified, a NPCA Certified Plant & score 100% on an audit, both of which have been completed and also deliver product to all 50 states. As of today, we have delivered to 29 states including Hawaii. I am still trying to figure out how we can get product to Alaska. A few weeks ago, one of our sales staff contacted me to help bid a unique project. My first thought was why are you calling me, you can do that. Then he says the project is in Antarctica. Not really thinking a small company in the Midwest would get something like this but we bid it anyway. Well, we were awarded the project, I believe because we could meet their tight installation time line. Did you know there is not a freeze/thaw cycle in Antarctica?

Now that we have completed the project and shipped it through Port Hueneme, California to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, from there the product was transported via LC-130 aircraft to the South Pole Station.

I guess we are an international company, now. That was not on my bucket list!