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Above is a recent project where we furnished a double Precast Concrete 22’ x 12’ x 14’ Structure(s) versus a poured-in-place units. These were installed in one afternoon.

Over the years, we at Champion Precast Inc. have manufactured a diverse array of products. They have been as simple as a Precast Pull Box and as complex as the above units. With the capacity to handle products up to 100,000 lbs., both in our production facility and in our storage yard, opens the doors to precast just about anything. For complete details on any of our products or a special application, please contact our sales staff.



Champion Precast Inc. has been manufacturing precast concrete products since 1987. Our products are designed with durability in mind.  Unlike poured-in-place, our products do not have to wait to cure on the job site. They can be set when needed, backfilled immediately and construction can continue without delay.  Our precast concrete products are manufactured in a controlled environment allowing us to monitor and inspect all materials used in the products per International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and National Precast Concrete Association’s (NPCA) standards.

We encourage you to surf our website and see all of the quality products and service our employees provide.

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We encourage you to surf our website and see all of the quality products & services our employees provide.