Grease traps are specifically designed for removal of fats, oils and grease from wastewater generated by food service facilities. They aid in the prevention of sanitary sewer blockages and obstructions and protect the city’s sewer system. Grease traps retain wastewater long enough to allow those contaminants with specific gravities different than water, to separate out by gravity, flotation and settling.

Oil and grease interceptors offer a superior wastewater treatment for industrial, commercial and municipal facilities. The purpose of an oil and grease interceptor is to prevent petroleum-based waste from entering the treatment system.

Sand interceptors are used to separate sand and inert solids from wastewater. The district’s treatment system is designed to handle domestic waste and is unable to process petroleum-based waste, sand and inert substances. These substances have been shown to damage pumps and contribute to line stoppages, the cost of which is absorbed by all district customers.

We have designed precast concrete grease traps, oil and grease interceptors, and sand interceptors for all surrounding municipalities.

Most common wastewater products available:

  • 250 gal., 500 gal., 1,200 gal., 1,500 gal. & 3,000 gal. Grease Traps
  • 250 gal., 500 gal., 1,200 gal., 1,500 gal. & 3,000 gal. Oil and Grease Interceptors
  • 42” id. or 500 gal. Sand Interceptors
  • 5’ x 3’ or 6’ x 12’ Car Wash Basins
  • H-15 Loading (standard) and H-20 Loading available
  • custom sizes and special applications can be made as needed
  • low profile units & up to 10,000 gal. units available

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